The IPhone 4gs Will Also Sport What Jobs Described As A

The IPhone 4gs Will Also Sport What Jobs Described As A "retina Display" With Four Times The Pixel Density Of A Typical LCD Display At A Whopping 326 Pixels Per Inch—by Far Denser Than Anything Else In The Consumer Electronics Market

The iPhone 4gs will also sport what Jobs described as a "retina mata robek display" with four times the pixel density of a typical LCD display at a whopping 326 pixels per inch—by far denser than anything else in the consumer electronics market.
The result is a 3.5-inch display with a native resolution of 960 by 640 pixels that is actually a higher resolution than the typical human eye is capable of perceiving, when held at a distance of just 10 to 12 inches. Jobs claims the Iphone 4GS 's display winds up looking like a high quality printed book (albeit that emits light!) rather than a blocky pixellated grid.

The iPhone OS automatically handles rendering text and controls at the higher resolution for the iPhone 4gs, so developers don't need to do anything to update their applications to look good on the new display…but, of course, if developers want to add higher-resolution graphics to their apps, they will look stunning on the iPhone 4gs.

The screen While we couldn't get it past the connect to iTunes screen for the reasons listed earlier, the USB cable on that screen was so high quality that it was impossible to discern individual pixels. We can't tell you the exact resolution of this next-generation iPhone, but it's much higher than the current 3GS Iphone .

The operating system According to the person who found it, this iPhone was running iPhone OS 4.0 before the iPhone 4.0 announcement. The person was able to play with it and see the iPhone 4.0 features. Then, Apple remotely killed the phone before we got access to it.
We were unable to restore because each firmware is device specific—3GS firmware only loads on 3GS devices—and the there are no firmwares available for this unreleased phone. Which is another clue to its authenticity. Among new features in iOS 4 will be an option to use Microsoft's Bing as a default search engine; Google will still be the iPhone's default search, but Yahoo and Bing-powered searches will be available as options.

Note that Bing will be taking over the back end for Yahoo's search services later this year. Users will be able to switch to the rear-mounted 5 megapixel camera on the iphone 4G to let callers see what they're seeing, or stick with the front-facing camera for face-to-face chat.

Jobs says Apple plans to work with mobile operators to make FaceTime available over 3G data services. Apple says it plans to ship millions of FaceTime-capable devices this year—and if current iPhone sales are any indicator, they're right—so iPhone 4 users will have plenty of people to talk to.

(How far off is an app called FaceTime Roulette?) Apple says the technology behind FaceTime will be come an industry standard, and will be supported by other devices and services. Joanne-myreplicaphone Article from: website Display Mobile Phone Iphone 4GS

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